About us

In organizing Euro-Chess, the "Euro-Chess Foundation" (ECF) wants to stimulate contacts between disabled and non-disabled youngsters from different European countries, in a competitive and recreational way, through chess and other sports (including archery, swimming, judo, wheelchair hockey, table tennis, boxing, tandem cycling, climbing walls).

Sports and physical activities are seen as important energizers in reaching social goals and as a boost for personal development (sports as a remedy against boredom and routine, as a means of escape from social isolation, improvement of self-esteem and confidence but also sports as mere fun, leisure and entertainment). By bringing disabled and non-disabled youngsters together for sports and physical activities we want to really contribute to an effective integration.

Disabled and non-disabled youngsters are given the possibility to set up appealing activities themselves. The skills they acquire in doing so can be very useful in their future occupational career. In addition, they can prevent or reduce social isolation.

So we want to stimulate and realize natural communication, tolerance, solidarity and integration between youngsters at a European level. Besides the sports component Euro-Chess offers a number of cultural activities, and special attention is given to learning to express oneself in a foreign language.

Youngsters get acquainted with the cultural heritage and traditions, manners and customs of each country (through (folk) dance, drama, music, culinary elements, excursions, film and/or DVD presentations).